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Lemonji - Worth The Squeeze

India is said to be home to some of the first sugarcanes & lemon trees ever found in the world! They say, in Egypt, lemonade, popularly known as Shikanji in India, was being made even back in 500 AD. Today however, this popular drink is enjoyed across the globe by all.

Lemonji is a unique Shikanji offering, conceptualized and presented on E-carts. The people behind Lemonji ensure that every lemon is carefully sourced, washed twice and squeezed by machine to extract the natural lemon juice. Then, it is blended with RO water and sugar to give the traditional taste. Mixed with fizz & natural ingredients, Lemonji is served with utmost hygiene! It’s never touched by human hands, so you know it’s a guaranteed winner!

Besides it's delicious flavor, Lemonji also has countless health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin A, B6, C, E, Calcium, Iron and more. Drinking a single glass, every day, could really help boost the immune system and refresh the body and mind.

About Us

The story behind Lemonji began like most great ideas do, out of necessity. Providing a safe and hygienic way to quench people's thirst is what really got Himanshu Aggarwal and his Team thinking about they say, rest is history!

M & H Enterprises, a beverage start-up by Himanshu & his team ensures every glass of Lemonji made guarantees hygiene and quality. This venture was conceptualized to efficiently offer a natural & refreshing Shikanji to thirsty customers, across India. The spin was provided by the E-carts, which helped grow the business far and wide. Today, with 5 E-carts zipping across Ghaziabad & Noida, their mission to leave no one thirsting is finally coming true.


If you are interested in our product and wants to meet us in person then feel free to contact and schedule the meeting..

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  • Regd. Office : II A - 45, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P. 201001
  • Works: B-9, Handloom Complex, B.S. Road Indus. Area,
    Ghaziabad, U.P. 201009

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  • +91 99992 00987, +91 99998 00290