Our Story

Story behind Lemonji began like most great ideas do, out of necessity. The body and mind of a thirsty person needs something more than a glass of water specially in summer. That’s why lemonade is so popular among the common people of India and rest of the world since 500 AD. “Why shouldn’t they be posted everywhere in a city??” – This idea took place in the mind of Himanshu Aggarwal, the founder of M and H Enterprises absolutely incidentally. Then Himanshu and his team started working on the idea of “Shikanji on Wheels”. And as they say, rest is history.

Their scientific research on machines, vehicles and many more things created a big bang and Lemonji (fusion of Lemon + Shikanji), a drink served on streets with utmost hygiene on E-carts, took birth to cool us in a natural way with the help of its natural ingredients in actuality

Company Profile

The tasty and hygienic journey of Lemonji started when the company was founded in the year of 2017. We started with E-carts followed by on-site vending machines and now the Genie is captured in a Bottle!

From the day first, from a single customer to more than a million happy customers, we never compromise on quality and taste. We sell only freshly made drink and leftovers are drained always.

Our company is an owner of a small manufacturing unit but we follow good hygiene practices and state of the art manufacturing process. We have promoted our product from the local street sales to parties to few popular events like food festivals & school & college events.

Vision – We are walking on the path of the palace where we will be designated as the Duke of drinks and beverage brands of India.

Mission – To cool down the common people specially in summer in a delicious way as much naturally as possible with utmost hygiene.

Our Team

Sonia Aggarwal : Proprietor of M&H Enterprises and the guiding figure for everyone related with this company. An MBA with an experience in banking operations, now a perfect home-maker. Loves to cook and makes everybody smile around her.

Her caring character and her emotional affection for cooking plays a great role to Lemonji to get the mouth-watering taste after going through many rounds of experiments.She has made herself occupied to create more flavours for the product now.

Sumit Agarwal : Head – Production & Operations. A graduate in business management with an experience in packaging industry. Sharp analytical skills, a problem solver, passionate and hard-working person with a beaming smile – This is Sumit.

As an important part of packaging industry, Sumit has the expertise about human psychology. He knows it very well that even a paper glass should look good. A good looking, attractive packaging invites a consumer first. Then only the consumer takes that first sip and enjoys the mouth-watering taste of the beverage.That’s why Sumit is very particular about the look and feel factor of our packaging.Yes, it’s true that Sumit’s deep knowledge and vast experience which he had gained through his previous relationship with packaging industry, contributes a lot to make the packaging of Lemonji extremely attractive and eye-catchy in reality.

As they say,our eyes consume everything firstly.

Himanshu Aggarwal – The founder & Head of Business Development – A sales professional by heart with experience in IT sales. A people’s person with a zeal to make life more meaningful. Lemonji is the brainchild of Himanshu mainly.

His nature is very much similar to the taste of Lemonji – his way of talking articulates his characteristic which is very much refreshing just like his dream product Lemonji.

He has an excellent communication skill.Himanshu’s sales & inter-personal skills contributes a lot in each and every phase of Lemonji! Like inception of idea to execution. From research to development and finally sales.His business brain and communication skill had worked together to help their product to gain so much of popularity in a very short period of time undoubtedly

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