Different streams - One team, acts like the best thirst quencher rather than the best lemonade in Delhi NCR

Lemonji E-Cart –is an environment friendly vehicle which makes the best Shikanji in town easily available for all. This is available for parties & events.Unlike any other street vendor, our whole presentation is the symbol of good blend of technology and aesthetics. State of the art hygienic process, well behaved & well-dressed salesman, all material filled & sealed at manufacturing plant, only vended on streets without any physical contact (in drink), freshly poured when demanded by customer – these are our specialities.

Lemonji Chill Pit (LCP) – is an On-premise Lemonji Vending machine, which is perfectly suitable for colleges, food courts, offices etc. Our company provides the world class training to the LCP operators. Regular checks are done on maintenance & quality control.

Lemonji 330ml – provides you the opportunity to take the best thirst quencher summer drink with enhanced quality taste with you very easily.After receiving good response on the Lemonji 1000ml & 500ml bottle (now discontinued), it is arrested in a 330ml bottle with enhanced quality. Now we are busy to prepare some new and exciting flavours for Lemonji Lovers!